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  • What are the benefits of a night cream?

    As you sleep at night, the skin regenerates and will benefit from the virtues of the active ingredients in your skincare products. In the evening, apply serum followed by night cream. Then enjoy a good sleep!

    Why should I not use a body cream on my face?

    Facial skin is more delicate than skin elsewhere on the body and does not have the same hydration needs. Consequently, you should not use the same cream for both the face AND body.

    What is the difference between BB and CC creams?

    CC (Color Correction) Cream adapts to your skin tone, while BB (Blemish Blam) Cream has a specific tint. It produces a matte finish, while CC Cream produces a more natural finish. BB Cream mattifies and unifies your complexion; CC Cream will correct imperfections.

    What care product should I use around the eyes?

    The skin around the eyes is particularly delicate. It requires a specific eye contour product. These skincare products target specific needs, such as wrinkle smoothing or reducing bags under the eyes and provide excellent daily moiturizing for the contour zone. In addition, they are ophthalmologically tested to ensure safety.

    At what age should I use anti-aging cream?

    • 1. Preventative treatment: Starting at age 25-30.
    • 2. Corrective treatment: Starting at age 35-40. • Use specific regenerating active ingredients (perform 1 diagnostic) Start at age 25 with a good moisturizing base. Then, starting at age 35, forestall the appearance of the first wrinkles with an enriched product line (AlgoTime Control). Starting at age 45-50, neutralize imperfections with a specific product line (AlgoTime Expert and AlgoTime Perfect).

    What is the purpose of a serum and when should I use it?

    Serums are specially formulated to boost skin cell activity. They work in synergy with creams to produce a strong multiplier effect. Match your soothing serum with a hydrating cream. Any combination is possible, depending on your specific skincare needs. Never use a serum on its own. How much should you use? Dab on before apply cream morning and evening.

    How can I reduce bags under the eyes?

    Keep Eye Moisturizing Gel in the refrigerator for a refreshing effect. You can also turn used tea bags into soothing eyecare by cooling them in the refrigerator.

    How can I keep my skin moisturized?

    Skin contains about 70% water, which is why water is essential for beautiful soft skin. It is at the heart of all skincare, no matter your age. Depending on age and comfort needs, select a light liquid or a creamy product.

    Why do age spots form?

    Dark spots sometimes appear with age. UV rays, hormones and other factors can cause an overproduction of melanin, resulting in a dark spot. That is why it is so important to use products that protect the skin from UV rays and regulate melanin production.

    Is the mask step really necessary?

    Yes. A mask contains concented active ingredients that boost cell activity. It will have an immediate and lasting impact on your skin. Use 1 to 2 times per week.

    How should I care for sensitive skin?

    Use skincare products expressly formulated for sensitive skin for daytime and nighttime soothing.

    How can I control skin dryness?

    To limit skin dryness, select skincare products with nourishing ingredients. These active ingredients will strengthen skin cell cohesion on a daily basis. Diet is equally important to maintaining beautiful moisturized skin. Remember: Drink 1.5 L of water every day.

    How can I reduce facial redness?

    The green pigment in creams specificially formulated for this condition will soften facial redness.

    How do I identify my skin type?

    It is more accurate to talk about skin problems rather than skin types. The skin is a living organ that renews itself every month and evolves in response to its environment, including the elements, stress, hormones and diet. Learn to identify your skin problems to choose the right skincare products for you. For example, if you want to remove blemishes while limiting redness, apply Soothing Tolerance Serum on your skin and follow it up with Purifying Matifying Fluid. Listen to your skin. Its needs can change from month to month, and your skincare routine should change with along with them.

    What can I do about my dull complexion?

    Start with a good cleansing. Continue with products that detoxify and stimulate microcirculation. This will promote the elimination of toxins from your skin.

    As a man, what skincare routine do I need?

    Men shave often, which damages the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier. A moisturizing skincare product will calm razor burn and help to rebuild the hydrolipidic film. Men also have thicker skin than women. Since their pores are more dilated, it is recommended that men use a matifying product in the morning.

    What is the purpose of exfoliating?

    Exfoliation eliminates dead skin cells. It also stimulates microcirculation to promote the penetration of the next active ingredients you apply. In addition, exfoliation encourages cell renewal. The skin is made up of multiple cell layers, which are renewed every month. Exfoliation speeds the process. Mask treatments should be used 1 to 2 times/week, depending on the skin problem.

    What is the best way to remove make-up?

    It is important to cleanse the skin morning and evening. • Morning: We produce sebum as we sleep. That is why a cleanser and a water are all you need. They will revive and freshen the skin. • Evening: Cleanse the skin with a gel or milk and finish with a water or lotion. For the eyes, choose a 2-phase lotion. The fat in the lotion will help remove waterproof make-up. Traces of make-up, pollution and impurities will disappear.

  • Why should I use an exfoliant on my body?

    Just like for your face, the exfoliation step will allow better peneration of the active ingredients to follow. Use twice a week.

    How can I fight cellulite?

    To make dimples disappear, use cosmetic products that stimulate the elimination of the skin’s fatty acids. Combined with a kneading massage, a balanced diet and regular physical activity, the results will be visible and lasting.

    When should I use a body moisturizer?

    Body skin needs to be moisturized daily, morning and evening, when you get out of the shower.

    How can I combat stretch marks?

    Prevention starts with a good exfoliation and the daily application of skin softening products.

    How can I soothe heavy legs?

    Heavy legs are caused by poor blood circulation. To improve circulation, reinforce the walls of your capillaries by: 1. Wearing compression stockings 2. Spraying with cold water 3. Keeping targetted cosmetic products in the refrigerator 4. Elevating the legs at home and at work 5. Keeping legs uncrossed 6. Avoiding hot baths 7. Avoiding overly aggressive sports

    What product(s) should I use during pregnancy?

    The skin should be made as supple as possible, but take care to avoid essential oils. Ask your healthcare professional to recommend the right products for your skin.