• Seaweed selection and harvesting that respect marine biodiversity

    Most of our seaweed is harvested on the coast of Brittany. To conserve the resource, we also use seaweed from other waters, including the coasts of Canada, England, Ireland and Morocco. In addition, we source some types of seaweed from around the world, including Australia, Malaysia, the Phillipines, Java and Bermuda.

    All of our seaweeds are from renewable resources to guarantee the protection of the marine environment.

    Reproduction periods are respected to protect marine biodiversity.

    A number of harvesting techinques are used: hand collection, boat harvesting and culture (for some macroalgae and all microalgae).

  • formulas that respect your skin

    Our no-compromise formulations are designed for maximum pleasure and tolerance:

    Paraben-free, phenoxyethanol-free and MIT-free formulas.

    In vitro and in vivo testing for effectiveness and hypoallergenicity, dematological and ophthalmological controls and clinical testing.

  • extraction and optimization of seaweed nutrients

    Once harvested, the seaweed is transformed into a powder or an aqueous or oily extract for incorporation into our cosmetic formulas. These various forms allow the algae to release its bioactive particles and molecules.

  • Made in Brittany to eco-friendly standards

    Controls at every stage of production ensure our products are completely safe.

    Insert-free packaging reduce paper use.

    Management of renewable energy sources.

    Eco-conscious water and heating processes.

    Use of FSC* paper in our packaging.

    * Produced using wood from responsibly managed forests.

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